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We have created long-term partnerships with our various textiles Mills, which operate in many regions of the world. These relationships, combined with our knowledge and experience, enable us to assess our different suppliers’ capabilities, their general stock availability and lead-time.

Factors such as a regions history and access to local raw materials can also dictate that Mills in some regions will be able to produce certain types of fabrics to a higher quality standard than those elsewhere.

We understand that price is still an important factor, so we acknowledge the benefits of finding the ideal Mill that can manufacture fabrics to specifications, while still producing them at the right price.


Social and Ethical Responsibilities

Premier Digital Textiles will source from mills that are socially and ethically certified under SA8000, BCSI or SMETA. This helps us give our customers the confidence that we are working with mills that encourage development, and apply and maintain socially acceptable practises in the workplace.

Important areas we focus on are freedom of association, health and safety, minimum wage as set by the state and no use of child labour.

Our mills also practise environmental management by means of reducing energy use by using wind turbines, using recycled materials as an aid to production and packaging wherever possible, reducing water consumption and aiming for zero liquid discharge.

Cotton hand picked

US Partners


Premex Solutions

North and South America

Extensive range of fabrics for pigment,
sublimation and latex printing


PremEx Solutions is a joint venture between industry leaders – Premier Textiles and Expand Systems. The two companies bring more than 30 years combined experience in digital textile printing and speciality fabrics to create PremEx solutions.

Premex Solutions is the sole provider in the US of the leading-edge technology, DuraVibe®. DuraVibe® currently offers eight fabrics Certified for HP Latex Inks.

DuraVibe® Fabrics are suitable across a broad range of markets and applications including home furnishings and apparel. Our speciality fabrics are unique with unprecedented colour vibrancy, fabric hand and durability. Our fabrics offer improved results for both wet and dry crock ratings, preservation of the fabric hand throughout processes, and a wider colour gamut that broadens an achievable colour range, including black.