Polyester Fibres

Polyester is a synthetic polymer made from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). Premier Digital Textiles offer a comprehensive range of Polyester fabrics suitable for dye sublimation printing. Our fabrics include bases for Fashion, Interior Decoration and Home Furnishings. We have developed different spinning methods to create various effects with our polyester print bases, such as linen looks, wool looks and many other  diverse variants.

Recycled Polyester

As our range of re-cycled Polyester fabrics continues to expand we are committed to the circular supply of Polyester substrates, and continue to source and develop ground breaking textiles and new fabric blends utilising rPET (Re-cycled Polyester).


polyester fibre to yarn

The Polyester Range

Our selection of polyesters range from 100% Polyesters, Recycled Polyesters and Polyester blends, in many different weaves and constructions. We have developed our polyesters to offer stability when printing and reduce downtime on your print machines

Please contact us for one of our free of charge swatchbooks, to order a sample roll, or to discuss any fabric matching requirements you may have.

polyester stock matrix

* If you do not see your required finish or product, please contact us to discuss.