Our Fabrics

Premier Digital Textiles offer a wide range of fabrics in various weaves, weights, constructions and compositions. We carry out comprehensive testing on all our fabrics to British (BS), European (EN) and International (ISO) standard.

Below are a few examples of our Core Range of Textiles which are available from stock.

Please contact us for any enquiries you have.

twill weave


Twill weaves have a visible diagonal line or ‘rib’ effect on the face of the textile, which is achieved by the weft yarn crossing over and under two or more warp yarns. 

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drill weave


A Drill is a heavier weight Twill woven in the same way producing a diagonal pattern on the face of the fabric. A Drill is traditionally used in heavier domestic applications.

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Panama Weave

Half Panama (Duck)

durable, closely woven fabric varying in weights. Half Panama (Cotton Duck) may be used for:

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calico plain cotton

Calico (Plain)

Plain weaves are possibly the oldest type of weave construction. The warp and weft threads criss-cross each other at right angles, with each weft thread passing over one warp thread then under the next.

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poplin weave

Poplin (Plain)

Poplin is a strong, medium – weight, plain – weave fabric. The fabric has a visible rib effect due to the fineness of the warp threads and heaviness of the weft threads. Medium weight Poplins are suitable for trousers and skirts.

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Lawn (Plain)

A lightweight cloth known for its semi – transparency, which can range from gauzy to sheer to almost opaque. Lawns use a fine high-count yarn that can be processed to create a silky smooth surface.

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The most visible aspect of a satin weave is its high sheen and the way ti reflects light.

A satin is a closely woven textile giving a smooth glossy appearance on the face of the fabric, and a dull appearance on the back.

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Hopsack (Canvas Duck)

A Hopsack is a coarse, tightly woven fabric that can be described as a heavyweight half panama or canvas duck.

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Bull Denim

Denim (Twill)

A hard wearing, heavyweight, twill weave fabric. The term denim originates from a French fabric traditionally known as serge de Nîmes.

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Herringbones have a patterned weave consisting of two or more rows of short parallel yarns, slanting in alternate directions to form a series of zigzag markings.

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Velvet is a luxurious pile fabric traditionally formed of loops of the warp thread. The velvet pile is created by weaving over rods or wires that have been inserted into the gaps or “loops” of alternate yarns.

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wool look polyester

Polyester Wool Look

We have developed a 100% Polyester that has been woven to mimic the look and feel of 100% wool.

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polyester lycra

Polyester Lycra

Lycra is a type of synthetic fabric that is very elastic in nature and, because of this elasticity and strength, is often used to make clothing.

This blend of polyester (80%) and lycra (20%) makes the textile extremely versatile and can be used in things such as active wear and fashion leggings.

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linen look

Polyester Linen Look

A 100% Polyester fabric woven to mimic the look of a linen and the feel of 100% Cottton.

Also available in REPREVE recycled yarns.

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organic interlock


Knitted fabrics are constructed from yarn by means of a series of interlinked loops.

We have 2 knitted fabrics that are new additions to our range of textiles – a Single Jersey and an Organic Interlock.

Please contact us for more information.

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made in the uk

Made in the U.K.

We are also committed to supporting UK manufacturing and have close links with Mills in the North of England.  These mills offer flexibility, short lead times as well as specialist expertise in niche areas. A large percentage of our fabrics are woven and processed in the north of England.

Please contact us for more information on our UK woven textiles.