Print Processes

Dye Sublimation (Paper Transfer)

We first introduced our polyester range for Dye Sublimation back in 2014

Prior to this we had predominantly tailored our fabric offerings to natural fibres and blends.

When we looked at introducing a select few types of polyesters into our current range for Home Décor applications, we wanted to develop a product that wasn’t currently available in the market.

We worked closely with one of our Mill partners and developed a range of polyesters to look and feel like cotton and linen. We wanted to launch polyesters that stood out from all the others and complimented our current range of natural fabrics.



Being at the forefront of the pigment development has allowed us to excel in technical knowledge of the over all pigment solutions available, and develop our products to offer unprecedented results.

We have spent over 10 years developing enhanced fabrics and coatings to provide the optimum pigment solution and have been selling more and more pigment ready fabrics than ever before. Our coated fabrics ensure the customer will receive exceptional colour vibrancy, a wider colour gamut and durability.



The DuraVibe®  Latex range of fabrics have been specifically engineered to work with HP Latex ink technology, and provide the best available durable Latex solution for Home Interiors applications.

Our fabric and chemistry development has led us to be able to supply a variety of different base cloths into the Latex market, achieving high colour vibrancy and crock fastness.

Crock fastness refers to the amount of ink that is transferred off of the fabric when rubbing occurs. To be able to achieve this, we recommend that heat is applied to the fabric after printing.

Any fixation unit can be used as long as the fabric reaches optimum temperature so that the fixation process occurs. Many different types of fixation units are available in the market ranging from, Oil filled calendars to Infrared calendars, Clam shell heat press to Hot air / plates.



Our reactive coated textiles range from 100% cottons to cotton linen blends, viscose linen and many more diverse fabric options.

We hold stock of various Reactive coated qualities. We also offer a coating option if this is not available from stock.*

*Minimum order quantities will apply